The Team

The dev, the vision, the master! /s

I'm a full time software engineer for ~12 years toiling away on bots in my spare time

I'm a nice guy and help a bunch of people with other bots and coding projects

I can't guarantee I'll be able to help but feel free to message me or join the support server and ask for help in the #coding or #help-me channel


A brief history

I'm a Software Engineer based in the UK and have been working on the bot in my spare time. It started as an interesting project in one of the servers I frequent (RaffledUp) and grew into a small gambling bot with 'higher or lower' and blackjack, a bunch of guild stuff and fun commands.

I was playing with other great discord bots and noticed that they were a bit dubious with consistency across the games and many were rife with bugs. The game messages were a bit ugly in a few and the games were simple and not that engaging.

I have tried to resolve all of these in my own bots, making the two available games more engaging and driving competition between members of the server.

Seeing how much fun people were having with the bot, I then thought other people might want to play with the bot so split the games out to a separate bot, added more games and Rocket Gambling Bot was born in January 2021!!!

After creating the gambling bot, I got a bit addicted with updating that as well as the original RaffledUp bot and decided to start splitting out the functions of the RaffledUp bot into separate bots. Each one designed to do a single job, and do it very well.

The Rocket Go-live Bot is the second creation and I've planned several more that you can see on the home page!

Hopefully each bot I create will fit your needs, bring a bit of fun or just generally make your discord experience better.

After all, I build these bots for YOU!!! 💚

Join the Support Server for updates and the chance to join in the closed betas as I make the new bots!

Why is everything Rocket G... Bot you madman???!!

I get asked this a lot and honestly, it's a really simple answer.

Gamers love RGB! 😂

Discord is built for gamers and everyone loves a bit of RGB action so I thought I'd keep it going as a sort of running joke because I'm hilarious 😬

What are you planning?

Essentially what I'd like is to create a bot for every key bot function that I've seen on discord.

I've already got a bunch planned that you can see on the homepage (Gambling, Go-live, Guild, Gathering, Giveaway) and a few more in the pipeline that I've not thought of a good 'G' name for 😂