A Twitch bot that provides the $shoutOut command which can show an animated overlay in your stream with a simple browser source!v
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About: Rocket Gossip Bot

A simple yet configurable shoutout overlay to use in your streams

QUICKSTART (aka tl:dr;)

  2. Type your channel ID (lowercase plz) and a secret (like a password but not as important)
  3. Hit Add bot to your channel
  4. Scroll down to the form at the bottom
  5. Type your channel ID and secret
  6. (OPTIONAL) Change the other fields to change the visuals
  7. Copy the URL into your stream platform as a Browser Source
  8. Use the full width of your scene (to account for long game names)
  9. Use the height the preview tells you to (because maths is hard)
  10. Open your stream text chat and type $so TheBotDev
  11. A shoutout will appear in the browser source

Note: you don't need to be live to test it and you can open the URL in a regular browser to test as well, it doesn't have to be inside a stream platform it's literally just a webpage.

If you did something wrong and want help join the discord and/or DM TheBotDev

What even is this bot for?

This bot is designed for streamers of all sizes to make their lives as simple as possible.

One of the most common commands people add to the various popular bots is !shoutout so that, when a friend, raider or another streamer worth mentioning appears in chat, the broadcaster can shout them out and send viewers there.

This is a great way to meet and discover new streamers and content and something I have seen and used myself.

A while back, a good friend asked me for some help with a shoutout overlay that they had bought for their stream. This shoutout had an instruction manual about 30 pages long including all manner of things, along with installing python, manually adding scripts to StreamElements/OBS, configuring custom CSS to change the appearance of the shoutout.

My friend is not a developer, nor should they have to be to stream great content and shout out their friends with a nice overlay.

I looked at the Twitch chat API, found out it's a version of IRC and set to work on a simple chatbot. I made a webserver hosted on a VPS that provided a browser-source that can be added to any streaming software with ease and Rocket Gossip Bot was born!

The first version was non-configurable and just showed the same overlay for everyone using it. I've since added URL parameters to set colours, alignment etc. which you can configure on the 'URL BUILDER' tab, along with adding the bot to your stream.

This service is offered for free to all streamers of all sizes - forever!

I hope this bot helps add a level of flair to your streams.

If you're enjoying the simplicity and would like to make a donation towards server running costs, feel free to donate via paypal:

RocketBots Paypal - I love reading your messages!

How the hell does this bot even work?!

The bot has three parts that work together to perform a shoutout.

The Twitch Account

The first is a twitch account -

The bot logs into this account and joins your channel so it can listen for messages sent. It never stores any information it literally just waits until someone types a command it understands and responds to the command. You type $so TheBotDev and this twitch account reads the message.

It's a verified account but it won't follow you so you'll need to make it a mod if you want it to respond in follower-only mode for instance - Plus the twitch links will be masked by most of the twitch default filters.

There's only one person physically able to log in to the account manually and that's TheBotDev (a.k.a me)

The Webserver (AKA the Bot)

The webserver is also a chat client and listens for when the messages from RocketGossipBot are read in. It parses the messages and converts them to commands. The webserver sends chat messages back to RocketGossipBot to send in your channel and, in the case of shoutouts, also sends an event to the overlay.

If you've not opened the overlay anywhere, the bot will not respond to shoutouts because it has nowhere to send the data. If you don't want the overlay, you may as well use something like nightbot instead.

The Overlay

The overlay is a static HTML webpage that uses some fancy JS and CSS. It's sent events from The Webserver when you run the $so command which it interprets and shows the overlay.

You can queue about a thousand shoutouts if you really must and it'll churn through them. Each one lasts about 10 seconds to give viewers time to read the shoutout before the next one will appear, so feel free to wait 10k seconds for that many to run xD

The overlay is very dumb. It doesn't store anything on your machine and relies entirely on the URL to get the visual configuration for the overlay.

What data does the bot store?

Your channel ID and your channel secret. I'm not made of money and I'm not really interested in reading all your chat messages so literally cba to store anything else.